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Exhibition rules

When registering your pet for the show, you agree to the rules of the KLK MTÜ "Baltic CAT" and agree to use your personal information provided during registration and share them with World Cat Federation.


Exhibition rules KLK MTÜ "Baltic Cat":

1. Only cats that are registered in the catalog of the show are allowed to participate in the exhibition cages on the territory of the exhibition.

2. Only cats with microchips can participate in the show.

The microchip number must match the number in the animal's international passport and the number in the registration form.

All cats must undergo veterinary control and obtain permission to participate in the show.

The permit is issued by the veterinarian immediately before the exhibition for cats that are clean, free of parasites, the nails must be trimmed.

Cats must have all the necessary and valid vaccinations, as well as a mandatory rabies vaccination. Cats from non-EU countries must have a veterinary certificate.

3. To the show / exhibition are not allowed: pregnant, lactating, as well as cats with amputated claws.

White cats can participate in the show only by providing a certificate from a veterinarian stating that this animal is not deaf.

4. Domestic cats can only participate in the show sterilized / neutered.

5. Only cats / cats whose registration is confirmed by KLK MTÜ "Baltic Cat" can participate in the exhibition.

The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right not to confirm the registration for the participation of an animal at the exhibition without giving a reason.

6. The organizers of the exhibition have the right to stop the registration for the exhibition ahead of the deadline, having warned about this in the registration system and on the official website of the club.

7. Participants of the exhibition who did not make payment for participation in the exhibition on time, or did not provide a letter of guarantee (if they do not reside in the territory of the European Union), by the decision of the organizers, cannot be included in the list of participants and cannot participate in the exhibition.

8. The participant of the exhibition who canceled the registration of the cat at least 14 days before the start of the exhibition can get a refund of the registration fee up to 50% or upon agreement with the organizers of the exhibition.

If the exhibitor cancels the registration of the cat less than 14 days before the start of the show, the registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE!

* Exception only in case of death of the animal, upon presentation of a certificate from a veterinarian.

9. The data of registered cats is changed for FREE until the end of registration.

After the expiration of the registration period, all data corrections are paid - the cost is 10 Euro.

Replacement of a registered cat / cat with another, is not a data correction, will be a registration of a new cat. The registration cost in this case will be an additional 40 Euro.
10. All exhibitors must register for the exhibition on both days of the exhibition at the secretariat of the exhibition committee prior to the announcement of the opening of the exhibition, otherwise the pet will be declared absent.


11. If an error is found in the catalog, the exhibitor must contact the secretariat and inform about the error before the start of the examination.

12. According to the rules of the WCF, it is stipulated that the organizers of the exhibition have the right to combine two categories of wool groups into one in case one of them does not have enough cats.

13. The organizers of the exhibition have the right to change the judge and change the schedule of the exhibition without notice.

14. The organizers of the exhibition assign cats for examination to the judges at their own discretion and have the right not to take into account the wishes of the participants.

15. The owner keeps the animal in his own or in a special exhibition tent rented from the club (for a fee).

The owner is obliged to ensure that the pet has water, if necessary, feed, a tray with filler. Remove extras as the tray becomes dirty. Monitor the condition of the pet. Do not litter!

During the show, cats in show cages must be visible to show visitors.

16. The exhibitor himself monitors the movement of the participants and the sequence, at the invitation of the steward brings the cat for examination to the judge and to the competition for the best cat.

During rings and shows, cats are shown by stewards.

17. During the examination, the exhibitor is obliged to carefully monitor his queue. The expert has the right not to evaluate the pet if the animal was not submitted for examination.

18. Cats / cats with obvious or pronounced aggression, animals with inappropriate behavior that may be dangerous or cause any physical harm to the judge or steward cannot be evaluated or exhibited in the ring by the judge's decision can be disqualified.

19. Participants whose animals have not passed the veterinary control or removed from participation in the exhibition, the registration fee is not refunded.

20. The exhibitor is obliged to respect the judge's decision and has no right to condemn or dispute it.

21. Trade on the territory of the KLK MTÜ "Baltic Cat" exhibition is prohibited without the permission of the exhibition organizers.

22. Exhibitors agree that they can be photographed. photos can be published on the club's official website, on social media pages (FB, Instagram, etc.)

23. During the exhibition, the sale of animals is FORBIDDEN, animals can be advertised in the nursery by placing advertising brochures on the tent or, upon agreement with the club, to place an advertising banner.

24. By filling out the registration form for a cat, participants confirm that they have read the rules of the exhibition and are obliged to follow them. It is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages on the territory of the exhibition.

If the exhibitor does not comply with the rules of the exhibition, the organizers reserve the right not to issue a cat evaluation certificate and to remove the exhibitor from the exhibition.




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