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The cat lovers club "Baltic Cat" was organized in October 2018 and has the status of a public organization.
Since November 2020, the club has been accepted and became a member of the system, registration number EE-0364. Club was under the patronage of the WCF club Deutsche Edelkatze eV (DE-0103) of which Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann, she is also the president of the WCF (World Cat Federation) system. Since 22.08.2022 club has become full WCF member.

The main goal of our club is to unite catteries, breeders and owners of both purebred and pets.

The club's felinologists will be happy to help and answer all questions of interest: on keeping animals: proper feeding and upbringing, breeding, animal show career, assistance in acquiring new animals, assistance in drafting contracts, chatting with like-minded people, professionals and just good people. You can always contact the club for the advice you are interested in.

We plan to regularly organize exhibitions and seminars to improve the level of knowledge in felinology, as well as training courses and seminars.

At our exhibitions you can meet the owners of nurseries, breeders from different cities, regions and countries. Get acquainted with the variety of breeds, colors of cats and choose a pet for yourself.

Having become the owner of your beloved animal, come and join our club, where you will be always welcome. where the confidentiality of information will be observed

We are waiting for the club of breeders of different ages and experience. It is important that a fruitful collaboration is always based on mutual respect and breeder ethics.

You can always get advice on any breed of interest. Her care, maintenance and peculiarities of breeding.


On our website you can:

  • get information about upcoming and past exhibitions;

  • get acquainted with the rules of the WCF system, club rules, breeding rules, exhibition rules and other useful information.

  • visit the pages of catteries of different breeds of cats;

  • see kittens and choose a pet;

  • see photos of animals at exhibitions, photos of the best pets of the club and the WCF system.


Enjoy your stay on our website.


If you have any questions that you still have not found an answer to, please write to us and we will try to help you.


The doors of our club are always open for you!

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